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Welcome to the "Pennsylvania Falconry & Hawk Trust"

The goal is to have a publicly accessible website with useful information and resources to help out aspiring and seasoned falconers alike. This includes club information, falconry information, and useful resources like vendors. Do not hesitate to submit something you think should be posted on the website through one of the various contact forms or to your club board contact directly.

"My lord shall never rest; I'll watch him tame, and talk him out of patience. - Shakespeare"

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Why are you a falconer?

Since I was kid, hunting in my dad’s fields during deer season, I was always fascinated watching the Harriers and Kestrels go cruising through looking for mice. Over the years, I had worked to get myself closer to nature by hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and even wildlife photography. However, as soon as I learned about falconry, I was instantly hooked. To me, falconry is one of the closest ways we can get to nature. It is also the best ways possible to see what these animals are truly capable of, all while maintaining a strong hunting partnership. This sport bridges a huge gap between man and the wild while teaching you something that we have lost through the years, a respect for nature.

I originally pursued falconry as an extension to my outdoors nature. I know it eventually consumed me, like it does for many others. I look forward to every flight, and every moment I get to spend with the birds in the field.

What's your attraction?

If you asked someone why they pursued falconry you will get a different answer from everyone, but some common trends occur.

Some reasons include a direct connection to nature, to build a bond, a new way to hunt, "just because", etc. It's important to consider what exactly allures you to it, and make sure than the reasons match the results.

Archimedes Takes a Grey Squirrel

Capturing and sharing footage of falconry

Capturing footage of falconry is often considered taboo. It shows a very primal path of the cycle of life that many people aren’t comfortable with.This website will be showing falconry footage that entails exactly what falconry is; a hunting tradition and sport.

The video to your left is a short film edit of a squirrel hunt with a passage male red tail. This was this birds third squirrel of the season. The bird was trapped on Halloween weekend and started hunting just shy of 2 weeks later.

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Brett Coryell
There is an interesting article in the April edition of the Smithsonian about the lady, Mrs. Edge, who is responsible for purchasing the property we know as Hawk mountain. She was instrumental in drawing attention to the "sport" of shooting the birds of prey as they were migrating along the ridge. Sometimes hundreds in a day 🙁 ... See MoreSee Less
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I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful response volume to the dues renewals and contact information update requests. I know the forthcoming board members will really appreciate the gracious outpouring of cooperation in this strange and distant time that is hopefully coming to its close.I'll be keeping a live update over the coming weeks with constant resends to the board, so if you have to catch up on your dues, need to ask where you stand, or update your contact information please do respond to that e-mail or message me here if needed. Thanks in advance, and thanks again everyone for helping me turn over a caught up list. ... See MoreSee Less
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Hello everyone. Just a reminder to check your e-mail. I recently sent out a club wide reminder for contact information updates and dues renewals for those that normally do that at our meets.I'm trying to hand a reconciled members list over to Mike as he takes over the president role of the position over the coming weeks. So if by chance you are a member of the club and do not have a copy of the request email in your inbox or spam folder (you should probably remove us from spam!! 😉) your email address may not be correct. If that is the case please message me via this Facebook group or the private club page.Thanks in advance. I hope all of you have had an excellent falconry season amidst our distance this year, enjoy the upcoming off season and look forward to seeing what next season holds for everyone. ... See MoreSee Less
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