PA’s Original Falconry Club!

PFHT, founded in 1976, is PA’s original and leading falconry club. With a statewide member base and meets held in a rotating cycle through all the states regions PFHT aspires to be the club that falconers actually want to be a part of! The club works across most aspects of falconry and raptor conservation. From field meets to raptor conservation committees to political and regulation changes PFHT is constantly working to continuously better our relationship with the public and state regulating authorities.

The club is always working on organizing and coordinating something new, from events to regulatory committees. Falconry has made a lot of great progress in the state from within and outside of the PFHT in the recent years and it’s the goal of the organization to keep that momentum going and continue to make progress for falconers across PA.

PFHT prides itself in providing a place to enjoy the pursuit of falconry with new and old friends alike. Many friendships formed in and around the club last much longer than hunting season. Falconry is certainly a sport that brings the passion forward in most every practitioner and having a group of like minded individuals to share that with is irreplaceable. Without that, where else would you tell your falconry fish tales?

The club has members that are interested in all aspects and “sub-cultures” of falconry including propagation, hood making, equipment making, trapping and of course what brings everyone together; the flying and game hawking of the birds. Throughout season in all areas of the state club members are getting together and flying on a weekly and daily basis. You’ll be sure to find someone that shares similar interests in birds and quarry within the PFHT.