The housing for a raptor can be best defined by two similar but different terms:

Mews –

  • Designed to house the raptor in an enclosed environment
  • Often built out of a shed or stick framed

Weathering Areas –

  • Designed as an area for the bird to be exposed to the weather such as sunlight, cold air, wind, and rain
  • Sometimes built of kennel fencing

To the right is Brian and Jenna Diehl’s beautifully constructed facilities. The rear portion is constructed like a hallway with equipment storage with entrances into two separate (and joinable) chambers.

There are some common requirements and recommendations for the structure.

  • Sunlight entrances via windows or slats
  • Openings to outside no wider than the housed birds body
  • Tethering system so that the bird cannot touch the walls or sides of the structure
  • Free lofted structures will often include multiple perches
  • Included bath pan
  • Ability for bird to have protection from the weather if a hybrid area