Perching and Tethering

Perching and tethering equipment is an important aspect of falconry. Even if you free loft (don’t tether the bird in it’s mews), there will always be times where a perch or tethering gear is required. Its proper use is vital to the safety and well-being of your bird.

On this page we will cover tethering gear, swivels, perch types, and their traditional uses.

To the right is a coopers hawk tethered to a standard spike bow perch used for mobile weathering and tie-out

Tangle Resistant Leash

One member of the club, Brian Diehl, did a nice write up of a method found in the NAFA Hawk Chalk publication showing an excellent way to create a bungee based tethering system. This is a simple method of creating a tethering system to reduce shock on the legs of a bird that tends to bate. As with any tethering system it is recommended that all unattended tethered birds be only left in an enclosure for multiple reasons such as:

  • The birds safety from outside environmental events like other raptors, cats, dogs, people.
  • The ability for a bird to have broken equipment that permits the bird to break free and take off.

Embedded in the site below you will see it in a viewable format. You can download a printable version right here as well: